Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria Biography

The PRIDE and UFC fighter Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria has never been submitted or knocked out in the ring.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria: Profile

Full Name: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria, aka "Mintauro"

Nationality: Brazilian

Height: 6-3

Weight: 241 lbs.

Classification: Heavyweight

Fighting Style(s) Used: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Boxing

Current Record: 31-4-1


PRIDE Heavyweight Champion

Interim PRIDE Heavyweight Champion

Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria: Judo

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria is another member in the long line of outstanding Brazilian MMA fighters. Like the legendary Gracie family, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria got his start in martial arts early. The ancient grappling art of Judo was the first martial art introduced to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria at age four. By the time he was 12, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria was boxing and completed his training with a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at 18. The black belts in Judo and BJJ give Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria one of the best ground-fighting pedigrees on the planet.


Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria: MMA

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria debuted in 1999 with the small organization WEF (World Extreme Fighting) and quickly jumped across the Pacific to the Japanese RINGS organization. The advanced submission skills of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria made him an early favorite on the international scene, and he became known especially for his deadly arm bar. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria lost in a split decision in what would be his only MMA loss outside the big fighting organizations.


Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria: PRIDE

UFC tickets were not the hot commodity they are today, and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria saw he could get international fame in the legendary PRIDE MMA organization. Going against the best international competition in the world, the arm bar of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria became one of the deadliest maneuvers in all of sports and earned the Brazilian fighter his first PRIDE Heavyweight Championship. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria gained a great deal of fame on the international circuit with a long title reign and victories over the likes of Bob Sapp.


Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria's two-year reign as PRIDE Heavyweight Champion ended in 2003, but he quickly took back the belt in the same year. Fans with UFC tickets had begun to flock to PRIDE because of unique fighters like Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria. PRIDE continued to be Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria's playground as he racked up submission victories while never being tapped out or knocked out. UFC eventually bought out PRIDE, and fans with UFC tickets were anxious to see if Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria would come to UFC.


Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria: UFC

Fans with UFC tickets were ecstatic when Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria debuted in UFC at UFC 73. After a brutal battle with fellow PRIDE vet Heath Herring, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria came out victorious. Based on his long and storied PRIDE career, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria was given a UFC Heavyweight Title shot in only his second bout. At UFC 81, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria faced the gigantic Tim Sylvia for the belt. The fight was long and hard, but Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria finally choked out the giant with a guillotine choke to win the UFC Interim Heavyweight Championship.

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